Soul Sistering Sundays

Come join us in celebration of the alchemical medicine of our Empress Council

On the 5th Sunday of the month, we open our hearts and come together in soft celebration and powerful proclamation, of the personal, professional and global benefits of sitting in a Wise Women Council.

A Wise Woman is one who knows she’s not here to fit in to the standards and expectations of outer dictation.

She’s here to sit in her own seat of soft beauty, power and stillness, to listen and access her body’s innate natural intelligence and primal instincts. And out of this, to build her world as a blessing from within her own connection to her source of creation.

This gathering is an open, inclusive, drop-in, protected space offered as a gentle way to experience our living Sisterhood Community. To receive these rich gifts of an ancient art, of woman-to-woman, womb-to-womb, soul-to-soul connection.

Each gathering is open to ALL WOMEN – who were born female, or currently identify as female.

This is a sanctified and safe space to show up as you are, and RECEIVE the deep lasting medicine of Soul Sisters walking this path of REBIRTH and RECLAMATION.

Each in her own authenticity, power, vulnerability, softness and wholeness. Join us!

Soul Sistering Sundays

hosted on Zoom

October 30, 2022
January 29, 2023
April 30, 2023

@ 9a PT 
Portland, Oregon USA 
(for 75 - 90 mins)

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By Donation
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*This event is offered by donation. Please give what feels aligned in your body to do so. Thank you.

Information to join in our gathering will be sent upon registration

We invite you to bring a warm cup of your favorite tea or beverage. To snuggle in to a restful spot in your home, on your land, in your car or office, upon the earth… and savor the ease of not having to do, think, or plan for anything. To deeply soften into your own presence amongst sacred kinship.

This is a time to TAKE IN the kindness, care, beauty, relaxation, ease and grace that an alchemical healing Sisterhood joyously provides.

Join Sharon Ann Rose and some of the Empress Council Sisters, in this sacred grace of being seen, accepted, loved, and cherished. As you are.

Reach out with questions.

Each of these Gatherings will begin with time to let go, drop in, relax, feel one's own body and connection to the source of love and beauty within. We will make connection to each other, honoring the Sisters who are present, and feeling our connection to all of life within and around. We may break into small groups/pairs or remain in the larger Council at certain points to support intimacy and vulnerable sharing.

Sharon holds space through deep intuitive crafting, so each gathering and what moves through, will reflect what she's sensing would meet and serve the women present.

Possiblities for how we will spend our time are in: depthful and light conversations, tea drinking, wisdom sharing, sincere reflection, purification, transformation, meditations, laughter, tears and ritual. Each unfolding as we are guided and moved.

Each woman is always supported foremost in following her own body's knowing, inner truth and abiding source connection through all that she chooses, shares and shows up for in her own self care and love.

REGISTER by making your donation here.

*This event is offered by donation. Please give what feels aligned in your body to do so. Thank you.

Information to join in will be sent upon registration.