Preserving the Feminine Wild as Our Activism

Belonging is not something we negotiate with the external world. Belonging is something we carry in our wild hearts.” Brené Brown

This Sisterhood Council is for those living in a female body, who want to transform their relationship to their creative feminine power. Our Empress Sisters are committed to their self-love and care. This Sisterhood is our safe space to be honest and vulnerable with ourselves, while we learn to be connected to our own bodies, each other AND to all of life!

Fill out this application to explore joining us on the journey! (*Our Empress Council, formerly “The Empress Circle” is open by INVITATION ONLY.)

Sister Voices and Experience

Christine Bostic – Dancer & Bodyworker

Dr. Natalie Lewis DACM, LAc @ Dr.natalielewis

Madeline Holly-Sales, Musician – Music Educator 
Singing for Well-Being:

Our Healing Alchemical Sisterhood

The Empress Council is for women, and those who identify as female, who want to:

  • safeguard and assimilate our full spectrum of Feminine wisdom and replenished energy
  • be sincere about the vulnerable intricacies of being human and divine
  • practice being sovereign and in relationship to life and others
  • long to bring forth our deepest truth and soulful capacities
  • fortify what has grown inside and create from it
  • commit to a trustworthy container for ongoing growth, play and work, while remaining rooted in our inner pleasure and nourishment
  • be sincere that restoring and being fulfilled as a woman is a continual commitment, choice and lifestyle
  • be fully accountable to and responsible for our own struggles AND pleasure, so we can each liberate and create beauty, purpose, joy and life from our aliveness
  • honor our sacred joy, creative expression and holy liberation for the well-being of all
  • live in continual devotion to the healing of the planet, each in her own style, way, pace and pleasure within a Healing Alchemical Council of Sisters

*If you’re just learning about my work and feel a called to this space, please reach out. I’m available to chat further and discern with you if this is an aligned fit.

Archetype of the Empress

The Empress is an ancient archetype, found in the Tarot deck and known throughout history in many Asian cultures.

But the Empress that’s beckoning me… who I’ve been listening of late, is one that began to speak and reveal inside my body. At the pinnacle of my perimenopausal and mid-life journey. Which is a time when a woman’s system and life reorganizes itself, re-absorbing and redefining all she has put out into the world, to replenish and rebirth her own system.

In ancient Chinese Medicine each organ is connected to a symbolic ‘character’ with qualities that honor its purpose and function. The Empress is the guardian of the heart, which is considered a Yin (feminine) organ. And when functioning optimally, the Empress is a kind benevolent leader of the entire system. All other organs are designed to support and protect the functioning of the heart. The Empress is the central figure within our highly refined and purposeful systems, to which all things organize and orchestrate around. Tending to her well-being and care, and honoring how all other organs are naturally and inherently designed to respect and keep her and the whole system thriving, is key to this way of living and loving. In Chinese medicine, the heart is the center of perception itself, and thus our self-awareness. It is where our consciousness takes root. In essence, it is where the soul can find an entry into our deepest reality and wholeness, to find rejuvenating residence within us. This lends to a greater understanding of the significance of The Empress at the Heart of all Life.

During an intensive healing time over the past five years, I began to hear the deeper throes of the Empress’ call, speaking to me about the body’s sacred alchemical order as microcosm for the thriving order of the planet. I began to hear and see the Empress revealing a more aligned “order” for my system to coalesce around in support and healthy protection of. For my heart – the center of all life – to thrive within. The Empress invited me into greater allowance. An allowance of the vast cosmos, within my body, in protection and restoration of my deepest fulfillment. Through this process, she began to reveal how to honor this within my everyday life.

In the natural world, there is organic order at play everywhere. As we notice this around us, it emulates and magnifies the sacred order of our own bodies, and the potential we have to relate to each other and life through a ‘common purpose’. Not one that the mind can understand. Yet one that the inner organizing system of our bodies and souls longs to get on board with.

Through years of gardening and urban farming, I’ve witnessed various species working towards and supporting ‘one purpose.’ One of the most visceral examples was when I’d sit and commune with the bees. It was an embodied experience of everyone ‘protecting and serving the queen at center.’ Though it was not actually about the queen, as a figure of ego-filled high and mighty purpose. It was about what she was devoted to… a harmonic order within her system that she honored and emanated. Through a practical, respectful understanding and instinctual wisdom for how to keep the hive and everyone individually thriving. This is the legend of the Empress. Calling us here today. Beckoning our allowance of the order of our own being. Into our lives.

The Empress is teaching us how to allow our systems to coalesce around the heart of ourselves for the wellbeing of all. The Empress is inviting us to devote ourselves to the thriving of our heart, pleasure and body, for the thriving of the world.

Through the Empress Council, I share and build upon this inner initiation. As we each come to experience the inherent design of ourselves through our primal agreements, at the sacred heART of life.

This inner Sisterhood has grown enduring roots through my years of serving women. During the COVID-19 experience, we came together to regenerate and flourish amongst a holy container that is:

  • being gentle and kind with all we’ve learned
  • listening to our instinctual impulses to create a new world
  • staying present and conscious of our patterns and potential developments
  • honoring the slow, more conscious pace we’ve come to know
  • strengthening our inner sense of self as we move into the outer world
  • trusting what our bodies guide us to, through pleasure and sensual delight
  • making time to stay intimate with the earth and all life
  • continually listening and developing our inner wisdom and intuition
  • celebrating that we are the Daughters of Love – without opposition
What’s Included

Feminine Medicine Wheel gatherings (on Zoom)

This is a time to deepen into our Feminine Wisdom. To hear my discoveries, and share your journeys, receiving witness to each other’s process. I offer intuitive reflections, while creating safe space for presence, vulnerability and grace. These gatherings are inspired by shared personal themes, and in the overarching issues of our times. Each gathering safeguards what each woman brings within her own body and being. *All gatherings are recorded and available for participants to listen/watch at a later date.

Our Sisterhood Thriving gatherings (on Zoom)

This is a time to savor and be held by the wisdom, power and beauty of our Sisters. Sisters step forth as inspired (after 1 year of Council participation), to facilitate and share their deepening experiences and tools of pleasure. These gatherings are inspired by our lived interconnection, seeing each Sister as a reflection of the wholeness within each of us and within our Council. These gatherings are as diverse, varied and beautiful as each Sister who chooses to share and lead from her power. *All gatherings are recorded and available for participants to listen/watch at a later date.

Medicine Bundle Videos

Succinct wisdom videos recorded and sent each month. These intuitive sharings come from listening to where each Sister is at and what is going on in her life. Sharon listens at the soul level to what the Feminine is offering in support, enlivening and safety for restoration within each woman. These videos are accessible on a private online sanctuary space for all members to access.

Monthly Resources and Embodiment Practices

Monthly online gatherings are offered to experience and practice the embodiment tools I created to support women coming home to their own wisdom, intuition, power and aliveness. (Ex. SoulBody Sanctuary, Wombing, Woman At Center, Hive of Aliveness, and more…). Videos, reflections, texts/posts and audio recordings are offered as resource to support integrating what we’re going through, and to establish a sustaining heartbeat within our Sisterhood throughout the month.

A Sustained Space for Sisterhood Council, Connection and Community 

This is a place for depth, presence, sharing and vulnerability. Here we hold and offer our hearts, challenges and growth edges into the container of our Sisterhood medicine. There’s NOTHING like being witnessed in one’s raw truth and trembling becoming… This is a restorative power like none other. And it brings about sustained growth and actualization on a daily, accessible basis within each woman’s life. Our Sisterhood Council is a safe place to be honest and sincere with what it will take for each of us to keep facing and making the next step into our sensitive, powerful, wild human lives. Here we practice being present for ourselves and each other. I tend and safeguard our community, and its content and connection is lovingly in each woman’s hands for what you choose to share and how you show up.

Sister Pods (on MarcoPolo)

Being placed with other Sisters into an ‘Intimate Pod’ supports the journey of deepening embodiment and accountability. In this optional offering, Sisters are grouped into small circles through a video app to create a container based on what they desire and most need for support and reflection to fully thrive. These pods are tended and safeguarded by Founding Sisters within the Council. Our Founding Sisters offer a gentle framework for checking-in in support of deeper sustained connection.

Actively Tended Sacred Ground

Through ritual, prayer and sharing from my path, I verbally and non-verbally support and role model how I’m making a rhythmic return to my organic feminine a personal reality. In revealing my human example, I invite each Sister’s actualized and empowered passage to inspire us through the variance, versatility and value of living from this intimacy within. This is shared quietly and internally, verbally and outwardly, through poems, passages, love notes, silence, meditation, prayer and ongoing tending via communion and ritual that I do in my daily world.​

Invitation Into New Offerings

This Council has been created as my first sphere of intimate connection within community. You all are who I’ll turn to when sharing about what I’ve created! And you’ll be the first to be invited to come along. You’ll probably also witness my mistakes, frailties, frustrations and intimate discoveries from traversing inner planes with me. Having this kind of ‘inner community’ is a way to establish a sustaining foundation, and to savor the joys of being committed to a group that is mutually committing to this inner world of our lives together.

Inner Circle Discounts

You’ll receive discounts (of various amounts based on the offering/creation) for the work that I share. I deeply honor those who stand beside me. I’m the kind of gal who goes to the ends of the earth for her sisters. And I feel blessed to offer opportunities so we can continue working together and weaving our soul’s discoveries in ever more enduring ways.

Engaged and Mutually Beneficial Support

This is one powerful, badass group of dignified women… doing the work of being real and alive. And discovering who we are and what we’re capable of. Instead of always being told and believing others know how life is supposed to work for us! In our Empress Council we take responsibility for our sovereign soul and intimate relationship with creation, and how we grow, nurture and are fed by it! This is how we build a life based on what we value most. And this is where we make the ongoing choice to tend what we’re ACTUALLY interested and joyous in offering! And then GOING FOR IT, with the loving devotion and support of our Sisters.

A Dynamic and Collaborative Playground

What does it mean to YOU to live from your Feminine Way in our current global conditions? This is where we vulnerably expose and surrender into an intimate relationship with our creative source. As we each birth a kind and compassionate world for ourselves and one another. Things WILL BE created and formed from within this powerful container. Things for you personally. And things for us together. And we’ll offer this to the world in our own unique style and way. This is the reality when we say YES! to fully being alive and revealing our most vulnerable existence to others, who are doing it, right alongside us. Each in her own viable and beautiful way. This is the way of the Empress. In collaboration with the sacred order of life.

Fill out this application to explore joining us on the journey!

(*Our Empress Council, formerly “The Empress Circle” is open by INVITATION ONLY.)

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Sharon Ann Rose ~ author, alchemist, feminine wisdom keeper