This circle is one of the few places on this planet where we can be held in a way that we feel unconditionally supported to unravel through our process and held in validating our experience. It is the group heart that is so deeply alchemical…

Bonita Woolf ~ Empress Sisterhood, May 2021

Our Sisterhood Wisdom Council is for those living in a female body, who desire to transform their relationship with themselves, and all of life. By moving into an honest commitment with what it takes to be raw and real with the creative power we hold as artists, healers, safe keepers, guardians, mothers, sisters, daughters, leaders and lovers.

Our Council is offered as a holy human place to practice, fortify, surrender to and retain our creativity, sovereignty, power, wisdom and love. In a sustainable, mutually-nourishing way. Through these rapidly transitioning and unknown times.

Because a new world is rising up. Through us.
And women are being drawn from all regions, lands and traditions,
to bring this through our hearts and bodies.
Through our visions. Memories. Ancient wisdom. And modern power.
Through our stories, heartache, knowing, intuition, discernment and collaboration with grace.
As Daughters of Love, without opposition.

Here we lean in. And allow ourselves to be completely loved and restored.
Tuning into our deepening experiences. Distilling and expanding into how we each embody and live from our vulnerable human presence.
Choosing in each moment, to be true to our inner authority. While celebrating how we are organically created. Continuously flowing. From a personal and tender connection to love. That surpasses all understanding.

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artwork by Molly Gur

Sharon Ann Rose ~ author, alchemist, feminine wisdom keeper